Family ties – Unexpected quality time

Sometimes spontaneous decisions are the best: On Saturday I got to spend unexpected quality time with my brother and nephew in the local SPA and returned home very happy.

Family time instead of meeting my friends

Until Thursday I thought I would write about a Friendsgiving Dinner at one of my girlfriend’s. Unfortunately she had to cancel on short notice, so that I was facing a weekend without any plans at all.

That changed during coffee on Friday morning, when my phone blinked with a new message.

“My wife is going shopping on Saturday. Would anyone like to join me and my son in the SPA?”

— my brother asked in our WhatsApp family chat.

As he lives 1.5 hours away, we only see each other every two months or so.

This was the perfect opportunity to spend some time together – wasn’t it?

So on Saturday morning, instead of preparing a Friendsgiving dinner present for my friend, my husband and I were on our way to visit my brother and nephew.

Quality time for my body and soul

It was raining and cold outside and I was really looking forward to relax in the hot thermal baths of the local SPA after a stressful week in the office.

One and a half hour later, my brother and nephew greeted us with broad smiles at the SPA entrance.

“So good to see you again Sina! I still can’t believe you two drove all the way just to go swimming with us.”

I smiled. They clearly have no idea how much I miss them sometimes.

We bought our tickets and spent a day full of good conversations, bathing fun with my nephew and massage treatments for my tense muscles. After several hours in the bath, we rounded up our day with a delicious dinner at the local steak house.

When it was time to say goodbye, it was already dark outside. Rain kept falling continuously, but it didn’t bother me anymore. My heart was full of sunshine, I felt relaxed and happy.

Our day in the SPA once again made me realize that, going the extra mile to spend quality time with my family, really is worth it. Because, in the end, that’s what life really is about. A job or an expensive luxury handbag can be replaced, spending quality time with my loved ones is priceless.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too!


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