Back in the office - No motivation

Snapshots of my life – Back to work after the holidays

From Sunday evening to the moment I step into the office: A snapshot how I spent my last hours of this year’s winter holiday before going back to work.

Sunday 09:30 p.m. | Facing the truth

It’s the last day of vacation before work starts again on Monday. Alex and I are lying on the couch, watching Indiana Jones on TV. Until now I have managed to cut out all thoughts about the office.

But as Monday draws closer, it is time to face the unpleasant truth:
I’m going back to work tomorrow.

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Sunday 10 p.m. | Setting my alarm

While Indiana Jones is fighting his way through his final adventure, I reach out for my phone to set the alarm for the next day. Upon pressing the save button, my smartphone kindly informs me that the alarm is going off in 8 hours.

Thanks for the reminder. Not.

Realizing that anything I do from now on is going to diminish my total sleep time tonight, I decide to hurry up and go to bed in time.

Sunday 10.10 p.m.|Looking for a suitable work outfit

My first way leads me to my closet. Finding a nice outfit for the office is more fun than expected.

Thanks to a holiday shopping marathon with Delia I have plenty of new skirts and blouses to choose from. My new stylish purse matches perfectly.

But wait… where is my corporate ID?!

I start searching everywhere: My drawer, different handbags – and even in the car. Where else could that stupid card be? If I don’t find it, first thing l have to do tomorrow morning is contacting corporate security. Ugh!

Finally it dawns on me that I put it in the pocket of my business jacket on my last day of work. And there it actually is. I’m relieved to feel its familiar shape in my left pocket and hurriedly put the ID into my purse.

Sunday 10.30 p.m. | Getting ready for bed

Twenty valuable minutes have passed since I set my alarm clock. In the meantime Alex brushed his teeth and has gone to bed.

Glad to have found my ID at last, I move forward to the bathroom to brush my teeth and remove my make-up. 

Unfortunately, I realize that I forgot to do my nails. The nail polish has peeled off and my fingers look terrible. There’s no way I could go to the office without at least removing the leftover colour. So it’s either now or early tomorrow morning. 

I decide to do it now.

“Everything ok?” Alex shouts from the bedroom a few minutes later.

“Coming!” I reply, and hurry up.

Sunday 11 p.m. |Waiting for sleep to come

Finally I’m ready to crawl into bed next to my husband.

“About time.” He mumbles.

“Sorry, I just had to…”

“Yeah, whatever.”

I don’t blame Alex for his reaction. After all, this is not the first time that it took me much longer than him to go to bed.He leans over to kiss me before turning away and falling fast asleep.

I, on the contrary, am wide awake. After two weeks of going to bed late it’s probably going to take a while to fall asleep. (Self-fulfilling prophecy!)

Fortunately I have just downloaded a wondeful new audiobook. Plugging in my ear-phones, I soon find my-self in the magical world of Helen Harper’s Slouch Witch. Time is flying by while I enjoy Ivy’s verbal exchanges with Adeptus Exemptus Winter (what a name!). Before I know it, my audiobook stops due to my pre-set 60 Min sleep timer.

I activate it again. And again.

When I finally fall asleep it’s way past midnight.

Monday 6 a.m. | Rudely awakened

The next morning when my alarm goes off, I’m totally knackered.

Still half asleep, I stumble to the bathroom and get ready for work.

Thinking of all the unanswered e-mails in my inbox, my mood is going from bad to worse. Looking at my messy hair in the mirror doesn’t exactly help either.

Monday 7 a.m.| Damn, I need a coffee

An hour later, I’m sitting at the coffee table with my husband, who is already preparing a conference call to Australia. Goodbye holiday mode – hello everyday working life.

In between typing into his phone, Alex stretches out his coffee mug in my direction.

“Coffee?!” He asks without looking at me.

Why not. I need a second mug anyway. 

I get up, and suddenly have to smile. Alex’ coffee request reminds me of the bewitched cat in my book. It only knows 20 words and shouts “fooooood” all the time. 

Man, I’d really love to snuggle back in bed with my audiobook and learn how the story continues!

Monday 7.30 p.m. |Starting to work

Of course getting back in bed isn’t an option though. Instead, I’m leaving the house around half past seven, taking the subway to the office.

When I get there, some of my colleagues are already there. After wishing everyone a happy new year, I’m going through my e-mails. 

For lunch I meet a few colleagues in our corporate restaurants, and in the afternoon I’m attending my first meeting.

Monday 6 p.m. – I did it!

At the end of the day, I really don’t know why I made such a fuss about it. My job is not so bad after all. In fact, I really like my work.

What really stressed me the past 24 hours was the prospective of going back in working mode after a relaxed holiday. But now that I’m over with it I’m looking forward to push my projects forward.

Have a good week everyone!

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