Married to a business traveller – Why I sometimes love it

Usually when I tell somebody that my husband travels a lot for work, people start pitying me. Rightfully so, as letting my husband go and facing the challenges of being alone at home really isn’t easy.

But that’s not the whole picture. Over the past years I’ve also somehow managed to get used to my husband’s travels. After all, being married to a business traveller definitely has its benefits.

Here are my 10 reasons why I’m glad being married to a frequent traveller.

#10 Doing whatever I like

The first reason is quite obvious. Who doesn’t discuss over TV programs, music and other things that affect your partner?

When my husband is away, I don’t have to lead this kind of discussion. Instead I can do whatever I like without worrying about him. Watching trashy TV shows for example, or listening to audiobooks aloud instead of using headphones in bed.

#9 I don’t feel like cleaning the flat – and nobody cares!

This already leads me to the next point: Cleaning! In general I’m trying to keep everything clean – at least when my husband is at home.

When he’s gone though… Well – who cares if I decide to skip vacuum-cleaning or dusting for a week?! It’s definitely easier if I only have to justify this to myself.

#8 International glamour in my everyday life

Although it is my husband who travels and not me, I almost feel like a frequent traveller myself at times.

That’s because my husband continuously provides me with pictures of his travel destinations. Additionally I monitor his flights on Flightradar24 and have become an expert of airline hubs and connections in the process.

It’s great to get to know all these different places through my husband’s eyes and have some international glimmer in my everyday life.

#7 His fancy company car is all mine

So far it has been all about the positive sides of my life when my husband isn’t at home. I have to admit though, that being married to a business traveller also comes with material benefits. Using his fancy company car is definitely one of them.

When my husband is working abroad, I’m free to use his company car whenever I like. No restrictions. Instead of squeezing myself in the packed metro every morning, I can take his fancy Mercedes to drive to work. Honestly, I’d be lying if I told you that I don’t look forward to this when he’s gone!

#6 Business trips eventually lead to more quality time together

What might sound contradictory at first glance, starts making sense when you think about it. With all these business dinners and long working hours during business trips, my husband is collecting a lot of extra hours during his travels. As do I when nobody is waiting for me at home.

In a heartbeat we have accumulated enough extra hours to take a Friday of Monday off and spend a long weekend together.

#5 Travel in style thanks to business class upgrades

Ok, that’s a big plus that I really appreciate. Relaxed long-haul flights in business class definitely are a big advantage of being married to a business traveller.

During his travels, my husband gets a lot of frequent traveller miles. As his company doesn’t claim these bonus miles, my husband is free to use them for private business class upgrades.

In that regard I benefit directly from his travels. Actually, that’s something all my friends envy me about – even those who usually keep blaming my husband for leaving me alone so often.

#4 More time for friendships

If you’d ask my best friend about my husband’s travels, she’d tell you they’re great! This is for a simple reason: When my husband is away, I spend more time with my friends.

Yes, I know that it shouldn’t make a difference if my husband is at home or not when it comes to seeing my friends. But in reality I still choose having a glass of wine with Mr Grumbert on Friday night instead of going out with my friends. On the other hand, when my husband isn’t there I feel like going out more often. All points considered my husband’s travels definitely are a good thing for my friendships.

#3 Visiting my parents for a whole weekend

Not only do I meet up with my friends more often during my husband’s absence but I also visit my parents more frequently. As my family lives a 1.5 hour drive away, short visits for just an hour or so aren’t really an option. So the occasions when we see each other are rare.

My husband’s business trips present a perfect opportunity for me to spend a whole weekend at my parent’s. It almost feels as if I was going back in time from being Mr Grumbert’s wife to being my parent’s daughter.

Thus my husband’s business travels allow me to spend additional quality time with my parents that I wouldn’t have otherwise. And I’m thankful for every minute of it!

#2 Being my own person

I’m convinced that my husband’s travels are also helpful for my personality. In contrast to other couples, I can’t always rely on my partner when it comes to tasks I don’t like.

Of course I’m glad to let my husband take care of certain things. But when he’s away, I have to stand my own ground and see to everything myself. As annoying as it might be sometimes, it is also good to know that I’m still able to manage life on my own.

#1 Missing him and thus appreciating him even more

All things considered, missing him is the worst and the best thing about his business trips.

It is said that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone – and that’s true. When my husband isn’t at home, there are countless situations in which I painfully miss him.

Situations that I usually take for granted, such as evening walks, cooking together, sitting next to each other in the car and talk… all the those things that are only half as fun without him.

Although letting my husband go is really hard, I still think it’s an important impulse for our relationship. Unlike others, I don’t have to tell myself that it’s a blessing to have my husband around. I feel it. Every single time he leaves. And every single time he returns. That’s the worst and at the same time the best experience during my husband’s travels!


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