Join me on my journey through my thirty-something life as a wife, sister and friend with a fulltime job, no kids and a passion for travel!

About me

Being #married to a business traveller, I sometimes feel like a part-time single. Whether I hate it or love it depends on my mood.

Luckily I have my best #friend to talk to. She is a wonderful and strong woman who has just had her first baby. No matter if we go shopping, dining or check-in to a wellness hotel – the time we spend together is important quality time for my soul.

The same is true for my #family. I may not have kids on my own, but I’m a sister to two younger brothers and an older sister. By now there are also four nephews in the picture. Add a caring mom and an impulsive dad and you get the picture of a big, diverse and sometimes really crazy family. It’s unnecessary to say that I love each one of them – including my brother’s cat!

I have a 9 to 5 #job that I love (most of the time). As a woman in middle management I do get my fair share of daily challenges though.

While I try to make the most of every day in my life, it’s the #holidays with my husband that I really live forward to. That moment when we pack our suitcases and I know that we get to spend lots of quality time together in the coming days. Exploring new countries together with my husband is without doubt my favourite leisure activity. We love to add a bit of luxury to it, such as staying in nice hotels, or flying business class.

On my blog I share…

Snapshots of my life in words and pictures.

Occasionally I add travel tips, relationship asvice, as well as inspiring posts and positive thoughts.

I decided to start a blog because

Being creative and writing about my life makes me happy and helps me to put some things in the right perspective.

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